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Our What Lies Beneath (WLB) interactive learning series has been shared across the industry. By focusing on the organizational gaps that created a situation or allowed a negative outcome to happen, we eliminate the tendency to place blame on an employee. What Lies Beneath openly supports our most valuable asset, our people, as the solution rather than the cause of HSE incidents.

This approach challenges traditional “root cause” thinking and allows participants to explore a different perspective. What Lies Beneath is more than a forensic tool to analyze why things happened; it also can help us proactively evaluate our processes, workflow, and culture – not only in HSE, but also around every other aspect of the business.

Our goal with What Lies Beneath – and for those we engage in our industry – is to teach and practice the principles of looking deeper into how an incident happened. By doing so, we can uncover the often overlooked underlying causes. We are committed to collaboration and sharing on this subject, and specific customer needs.