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Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) is challenging the way the industry has historically looked at the cause of HSE incidents. We believe that understanding why an incident occurs is less important than understanding how it occurs.

The true causes of HSE incidents go deeper—to gaps in processes, workflows and communication, and to the culture and thinking of the organization that lie well beneath the incident itself. Finding and fixing these underlying factors not only prevents repeat incidents, but also creates an organizational foundation that finds and closes gaps that have not yet materialized into an incident.

“What Lies Beneath?” (WLB)  is a series of thought provoking, facilitated learning sessions that challenge traditional thinking and allow participants to explore a different perspective on how something happened or could happen. Each session - presented in video form, with handouts, reminder cards, and a slide presentation with facilitator notes - illustrates how human and organizational factors influence employee decisions and actions, and fosters a perspective that evaluates the systems and organizational factors that put people at risk. 

What Lies Beneath series is open to anyone who wants to take a fresh perspective on understanding how HSE incidents occur…so we can prevent them.