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Safeguard your pipelines, and your operations 

The premier distributed integrity monitoring and management solution, Vigilant high-fidelity pipeline monitoring combines advanced fiber optic technology from Hifi Engineering with the power of  Predix to deliver the highest quality data and inform the most critical decisions.

Prevent problems before they become problems. Maintain pipeline integrity and security in critical situations with continuous monitoring and 24/7 expert support from BHGE and Hifi Engineering.

Faster, more informed decision-making 

With real-time actionable insights, an intuitive interface, and easy-to-implement cloudbased software, control room operators can quickly analyze comprehensive data to more easily make critical decisions, like whether or not to shut down operations in the event of an alarm.

  • Reduced risk
  • Better insights around every inch of pipeline, faster
  • Prioritized preventative actions
  • Reduced labor resources associated with false alarms

High-performance hardware: Hifi fiber optics and data processing

Fiber optic sensors from Hifi Engineering are installed on pipelines to capture and securely send comprehensive data from pipeline to control room at the speed of light.

- Continuous monitoring across your entire pipeline
- Comprehensive temperature, strain, acoustic, and vibration data
- Hifi data processing for constant data interrogation
- Greater long-term value over traditional sensors

Intuitive Predix software: Actionable insights in real time

In the case of any unusual activity, operators are notified immediately through Predix with critical information needed to identify the cause for the alarm, and recommended actions to avoid or minimize the impact of threats. 

- Analyzes current pipeline conditions against expected activity
- Fewer false alarms
- Immediate notifications for better response times
- Advanced data reporting capabilities