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  • The Perseus™ pump-through cutter is an internal hydraulic tubing cutter designed to cut a single string of casing as part of a plug and abandonment campaign, slot recovery, well intervention, or other cut-and-pull operations.

    Multiple operations in one trip

    The Perseus pump-through cutter is hydraulically operated and features on demand knife activation to cut a single string of casing. When run above a mill or drill bit, the unique internal design enables 100% flow through capability and maintains pressure integrity without knife activation. In this way, alternative operations are possible during the same trip such as dress a cement plug, remove scale, underream, or mill short window sections.

    Advanced metallurgy enables longer cutter life

    Dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ Advanced Milling Technology (AMT) carbides, the cutting structures of the Perseus cutter provide the industry’s most durable tungsten-carbide knives to cut or mill even the toughest steels. With the ability to increase mill life and penetration rates as much as 1,000%—including exotic and abrasive materials—METAL MUNCHER carbides provide effective cutting and swarf control, and enable a customer to mill more volume in one trip.

    Reduce costs and risks by half

    Interchangeable AMT knives reduce turnaround time and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) exposure on the rig floor. When deployed with other tools, the Perseus cutter enables single-trip combination and operations, reducing the overall number of runs required and effectively reducing total costs and risks by half.

    Best Well Intervention Technology Award - Perseus Pump-Through Cutter

    Best Well Intervention Technology Award - Perseus Pump-Through Cutter


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