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Highly adaptable solutions for optimal flow

Highly adaptable solutions for optimal flow

Go deeper with more reliability

As offshore developments move into deeper waters where harsh temperatures, high
pressures, physical stresses and corrosive materials can pose potential threats,
BHGE’s flexible pipe solutions offer extreme reliability to overcome the most demanding
environments. Found in every major production basin worldwide, our flexible pipe
products, including risers, flowlines, fluid transfer lines, and jumpers, are designed to
keep production flowing—so you can go deeper than ever.

Driving down costs in deeper water

  • Our flexible pipes offer the modularity, versatility, and stability you need to get the most out of your wells—no matter where you operate. Rigorous testing combined with cus-tomized design and expert installation ensures the highest levels of quality and reliability in any deepwater field. And our proven track record in all water depths makes our highly adaptable flexible pipes the safest and most cost-effective solution to thrive in challenging conditions.

    Problems we solve
    Reduce operational, safety and environmental risks while curbing maintenance costs and extending the life of your equipment. With increased speed, flexibility, and perfor-mance, you can rely on our robust pipes to boost availability and productivity over the full life of the field. With broad experience in optimizing field performance, we provide in-depth expertise, global resources, and integrity management services into meet all your pipeline needs.


    • Increased reliability, flexibility and adaptability 
    • Reduced costs and safety risks
    • Proven track record in all water depths
    • Extended life of equipment
    • Enhanced oil and gas recovery

     Next Generation of Flexible Risers

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