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Lufkin Hydraulic Pumping Units

Lufkin Hydraulic Pumping Units

Achieve full installation and production in a single day

  • With our hydraulic pumping units (HPUs), you’ll get quick installation, few moving parts, and a minimal footprint. Built on the legacy of Lufkin hydraulic pumping units, our technology provides you with cost-effective solutions for dewatering low-volume oil and natural gas wells.

    With only two major components, our HPUs are designed with flexibility to meet your unique requirements. Installation is fast and easy, saving you both time and costs. For instance, the units’ compact overall size means reduced trucking charges, with up to three units fitting on one trailer. Minimal site prep is required, and full installation and production can be achieved in a single day.

    Our HPU systems are fully automated, using our Lufkin automation equipment that is proprietary to our systems. They are the ideal choice for all of the following well conditions and applications:

    • Deep wells
    • Moderate/marginal/heavy volumes
    • Stripper wells
    • Plunger lift wells
    • Residential wells
    • Controlled areas
    • Inland waters
    • Height or pad restrictions
    • Noise abatement
    • Multipad wells
    • Dual completions
    • Deviated wells


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