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SeaLytics BOP Advisor

SeaLytics BOP Advisor

Data and insights from your BOP in real time

Get the data and insights from your BOP you need to reduce non-productive time, drive lower total cost of ownership and increase safety—without increasing maintenance or service costs.

Foundation for data-driven decision making and TOTEX savings


    You need a critical control system that ensures uncompromising well control availability and protection from potential cyber attacks. And you also want to extract value from the data the system generates and use the information to reduce your total expense (TOTEX) profile and meet your regulatory requirements.



    SeaLytics™ 3.0 BOP Advisor provides access to your control system data while maintaining cyber-security in an easily installed edge device. The system includes features such as real‑time visualizations, BOP systems status, and the ability to recommend maintenance actions. With optional cloud connectivity, stakeholders onshore can view/retrieve BOP data that has been historically difficult to retrieve securely. SeaLytics enables collaboration between onshore and offshore personnel, potentially driving the quality and speed of decisions and corrective actions. 


    is designed to fit seamlessly with the Gen2 BOP Control system, replacing the Data Logger. It provides drillers a visually stunning, easy-to-navigate platform to retrieve and trend change-state and alarm data. SeaLytics uses a high availability dual redundant server to provide high data integrity and availability.


     provides a complete solution to capture data on the rig, transmit and store data in the cloud, and remotely view status through the BHGE engageDrilling™ customer portal. With cloud connectivity, all real time streaming data is available via a WITSML application protocol interface. Automatic cloud synchronization and buffering functions prevent data loss in case of a satellite communications breakdown.


    Native to SeaLytics is the ability to track maintenance and usage of BOP system components. The user can set maintenance levels and monitor consumed life to optimize End Of Well (EOW) activities. With optional cloud connectivity, BHGE can provide Analytics services to further optimize TOTEX and availability.




    • On-rig  time series trending, alarm management and visualization of component health
    • Maximum bandwidth required for cloud connectivity, 50 kbits/s
    • Designed to comply with BSEE well control rule (RTM and 21-day testing)
    • Data storage capacity: >3 years on rig, >10 years in the cloud
    • Dual redundant server system exceeding 99% availability
    • Data recovery from onshore communication loss, up to 10 days
    • Seamless, drop-in replacement for Gen2 and Data Logger
    • Foundation for BOP analytics
    • Adheres to the highest cyber security standards (IEC 62443-2-4)
    • Provides WITSML interface from cloud to stakeholder RTM centers


    Best Data Management & Application Solution Award - SeaLytics 3.0 BOP Advisor

    Best Data Management & Application Solution Award - SeaLytics 3.0 BOP Advisor

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