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  • In challenging wells, like those offshore, pore pressure (PP), fracture gradient (FG), and complex geometry combine to create a narrow operating window. Numerous operational problems – such as excessive surge pressures, pressure spikes due to pump initiation pressures, complicated equivalent circulating density (ECD) management, and the inability to effectively control drilling parameters – can result in catastrophic events.

    The conventional solution to drilling in narrow PP/FG windows has been to use a fluid with low-ECD to protect the formation. These low-ECD fluids can mitigate some risks, but not enough to efficiently or reliably meet all drilling objectives.

    Issues with hydraulic impact, sag, pressure spikes, and surge pressure remain— each having potentially damaging effects on the wellbore—causing induced fractures and costly mud loss.

    The DELTA-TEQlow-pressure-impact drilling fluid is a non-aqueous formulation engineered to extend drilling in narrow windows, helping operators meet objectives and minimize risks.

    Advanced formulation

    Featuring an advanced formulation of specialized clay and polymers, the DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact fluid creates a non-progressive gel structure that reduces hydraulic impact with a rapid-set/easy-break profile. This profile maintains fluid integrity if operations are paused, mitigates pressure spikes when circulation resumes, and protects the formation from surge pressures when running casing.

    Viscosity clutch

    In addition, the DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid has the unique ability to manage hydraulic impact by maintaining the right viscosity in the right areas of the well for optimal hole cleaning and penetration rates without putting excess pressure on the formation. Like a “viscosity clutch,” it engages viscosity at low shear rates and disengages at high shear rates for true optimization.

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