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MAX-LOCK Lost Circulation Material

MAX-LOCK Lost Circulation Material

Quickly overcome severe lost circulation

  • MAX-LOCK™ lost circulation material (LCM) is a magnesia-based, phase-transformation fluid technology that is easy to place downhole across a loss zone. It demonstrates thixotropic behavior under downhole conditions, and is customizable to set and form a high-compressive-strength plug to combat a severe lost circulation incident. Typical applications include lost circulation in vugular or cavernous formations, plug and abandonment, and in remediation of sustained casing pressure.

    MAX-LOCK LCM is a high-strength, acid-soluble system designed to operate in conventional temperature environments, while providing an alternative to a conventional cement plug. The system tolerates water-based (WBM)/oil-based (OBM) mud contamination.

    Key operational considerations

    MAX-LOCK is recommended where severe lost circulation events occur and other conventional LCM materials fail. Several factors should be considered during planning and execution:

    • Estimate MAX-LOCK pill volume needed based on the loss scenario
    • Customize LCM setting time by estimating the static and dynamic bottom hole temperature
    • Determine the fracture gradient to limit ECD across the weak zone
    • Estimate equivalent ECD against the weak zone while pumping spacers and MAX-LOCK pill
    • Evaluate QA/QC of product and water analysis to further verify pill performance
    • Evaluate the effect of contamination on MAX-LOCK setting time and compressive strength

    Advantages of MAX-LOCK LCM include:

    • Thixotropic shear thinning gels
    • Customizable setting time
    • Rapid deployment and easy to place (single trip)
    • Resists flow through loss zones before setting
    • High compressive strength
    • Strengthens loss zones to enable drilling
    • Safe to use in production zones
    • Can be used as an isolation plug to prevent gas migration
    • High acid solubility, 90%+
    Best Well Intervention Technology Award - Perseus Pump-Through Cutter

    Best Oilfield Fluids and Chemicals Award – MAX-LOCK lost circulation material


    2019 Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation

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