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  • Built completely out of a robust, engineered alloy material that is 70% lighter than conventional plug material, the MILLITE™ lightweight frac plug drills out smoothly and flows out easily to cut costs and get customers to first oil faster.

    Although the design and the material properties of frac plugs affect how quickly and efficiently they can be removed from wellbores post-fracturing, conventional plugs contain hard, heavy components like cast iron slips and ceramic buttons that make them tough to mill out, and their debris even tougher to circulate out.

    The MILLITE plug’s compact design features proven friction-based slips—versus heavy cast iron slips or ceramic buttons—to keep it firmly anchored in the casing at pressures up to 10,000 psi (690 bar).

    With a specific gravity of only 1.8 the MILLITE lightweight frac plug improves debris flowback, minimizing cleanout requirements and accelerating post-frac intervention. Its compact design also contributes to a lower overall volume of debris per plug compared with standard plug debris volumes.

    And, when MILLITE plugs arrive on location, their field-ready wireline adapter kit simplifies assembly. No special screws or tools are required. During run-in, the plug’s wear- and preset-resistant design virtually eliminates preset risks, enabling safe run-in rates in excess of 600 ft/min (183 m/min). A proven friction-slip anchoring system and packing element create a reliable seal that reliably holds pressure during fracturing.

    Contact your local representative today to learn more about how the MILLITE lightweight frac plug enables faster, easier frac plug removal so you can flow sooner on your next plug-and-perf job.


    • Unconventional oil and gas wells
    • Plug-and-perf completions
    • Reservoirs with low bottomhole pressure
    • Extended-reach laterals

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