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TORPEDO Composite Frac Plugs

Cut millout time in half and prevent presets

Reduce millout times and avoid unplanned interventions on your next plug-and-perf job with the TORPEDO™ composite frac plug.

Despite their long field history, many composite plug designs have remained relatively unchanged over the years. But the TORPEDO composite plug has been re-engineered to improve two critical elements of plug-and-perf operations: speed and reliability.

Reduce millout time

The TORPEDO plug features a compact design and uses only a single set of slips versus the conventional two sets. With 40% less overall material volume and shorter tool body, the TORPEDO plug mills out in half the time of typical composite plug designs.  

Prevent presets

An ultra-strong slip ring with twice the standard breakup value (the force needed to break the slip ring and set the slips) allows the TORPEDO plug to withstand vibrations and debris impacts while running in hole. And if a plug gets stuck, you can manipulate it and free it without worrying about premature setting, and unnecessary interventions.

The TORPEDO plug can be used in hybrid completion scenarios with FracPoint™ ball-activated sleeves, OptiPort™ CT frac sleeves, and SPECTRE™ disintegrating frac plugs.


  • Unconventional plug-and-perf completions

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