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XP Wellbore Cleanup System

XP Wellbore Cleanup System

Reduce NPT, maximize production with wellbore cleanout

Deepwater operations, deep wells, and deviated wells benefit from the cost-effective, reliable wellbore debris management delivered by the X-Treme Clean™ XP wellbore cleanup and displacement system. The award-winning system ensures a superior completion that reduces nonproductive time and maximizes production.

Technology cleaning at the highest speed with the lowest risk

  • The wellbore cleaning system’s highest allowable rotational speed and nonrotating technology efficiently clean your well without damaging or wearing any casings or risers. You can rely on improved circulation area for a better wellbore displacement operation. Higher-than-drillpipe tensile and torque ratings also reduce operational risk.

    Depending on the wellbore cleaning tool size, a newer, stronger downhole magnet offers many times the typical metal debris collecting ability. For our 9 5/8-in. tool, the magnet is five times stronger.

    New to the BHGE X-Treme Clean XP wellbore cleanup portfolio is the X-Treme Clean XP multi-cycle ball-activated circulation valve. It is a hydraulically-activated tool that enables mid-string circulation during wellbore cleanup, fluid displacement, and drilling. The valve can be used in deepwater cased hole displacement and wellbore cleanup to boost annular velocity, improve debris removal, and perform blowout preventer cleaning. In drilling operations, the valve can be used to clean debris or to spot chemicals or lost circulation material. 

    The X-Treme Clean XP wellbore cleanup and displacement system has earned a World Oil Award for Best Well Intervention technology. The award is granted by World Oil magazine to honor the upstream energy industry’s top innovators and innovations.

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