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XP Circulation Valve

XP Circulation Valve

Conduct mid-string circulation during drilling and cleanup

Enable midstring circulation during wellbore cleanup, fluid displacement, and drilling applications with the BHGE XP circulation valve. This hydraulically-activated tool can be used in deepwater cased hole displacement and wellbore cleanup to boost annular velocity to improve debris removal and perform blowout preventer cleaning. This not only improves reliability but also eliminates the need for set-down weight.

  • The XP circulation valve provides three flow modes: to the bit, to the ports only, and flow split through bit and ports. These three flow modes provide flexibility for your different application needs. The valve also has multiple cycles and is limited in cycles only by the capacity of the integrated ball catcher sub, so you are able to reduce nonproductive time and perform multiple operations in one trip.


    • Deviated and horizontal wells
    • Displacement
    • Wellbore cleanup
    • Any application requiring circulation through the mid-string

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