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X-Treme Clean Wellbore Cleanup and Displacement Solution

X-Treme Clean Wellbore Cleanup and Displacement Solution

Reduce completion risk and improve well productivity

Reduce NPT and maximize reservoir return with X-Treme Clean™ wellbore cleanup (WBCU) and displacement solution. BHGE provides an integrated approach to WBCU and displacement to help clean your well and remove all debris before the well is completed, significantly reducing cost and completion risk and ensuring a productive well.

  • With years of experience in WBCU and displacement, BHGE has the products, engineering capabilities, and modeling software to design and execute the right solution for your well, in one seamless operation. By integrating mechanical tools and displacement chemicals, BHGE can provide a single-source solution to ensure smooth on-site execution and the operational flexibility to make on-the-fly adjustments.

    Fit-for-purpose mechanical tools

    The X-Treme Clean line of mechanical tools includes reliable, modular systems organized into different tiers of products and services to match your application, whether onshore or in a complex deepwater well.

    Specialized displacement chemicals

    Our broad range of displacement and wellbore cleaning fluids can be combined with our mechanical tools, creating a comprehensive solution that helps operators effectively clean their wells, while keeping costs down.

    Engineered Solutions

    We also provide pre-job modeling and simulations to improve performance and help ensure smooth, efficient operations.


    • Displacement
    • Wellbore cleanup
    • Removing debris or spotting chemicals/fluids while drilling

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