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VACS G2 System

VACS G2 System

Increase debris cleaning, especially in deep water

The BHGE vectored annular cleaning system (VACS™) G2 captures debris located at the well bottom, or that was generated during well operations. The new modular design saves time and lowers risk, especially in deepwater applications.

  • Optimized jet engine suction power

    As fluid flows through the jet nozzles, the VACS G2 jet engine design produces increased suction pressure at the base of the tool, pulling in any fine or big debris or junk from the well into the tool basket. The VACS G2 engine has been optimized to increase reliability and performance during a variety of operations, including post perforating and sump packer cleaning, packer plug or bridge plug retrieval, and junk retrieval for openhole or cased hole.

    Revolutionized handling with modular redesign

    In the G2 version, each module can be manipulated by standard rig elevators, removing the need for on-site assembly or specialized equipment and eliminating many health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks. The modular design also reduces nonproductive time (NPT) by eliminating the requirement for on-site debris handling.

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