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EP Wellbore Cleanup System

EP Wellbore Cleanup System

Decrease completion and workover risk with wellbore cleanout

The BHGE X-Treme Clean™ EP wellbore cleanup and displacement system decreases completion and workover risk in land, shelf, shallow water, and deepwater applications. We’ve used this reliable system successfully in more than 2,500 jobs worldwide, including many remote locations.

A reliable solution to complex projects

  • You can rely on this solution in complicated projects, such as HP/HT wells and those with chrome casing.  

    The cleanout tools’ nonrotating technology efficiently cleans while minimizing potential damage to the casing or riser ID. High allowable rotational speed with a large total flow area offers more effective well cleaning and displacement, especially in deviated wells.

    If the BHA becomes stuck, you can activate our industry-exclusive scraper and brush clutch design to free the BHA for even greater reduced operational risk.

    The tools can be used as an integrated system or individually for displacement, casing ID cleaning, riser and BOP cleaning, fluid filtration, downhole junk removing at the precompletion stage, completion stage, or workover stage.

    For more information about our X-Treme Clean EP wellbore cleanup and displacement, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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