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SBT Seal Advanced Cement Bond Analysis Service

SBT Seal Advanced Cement Bond Analysis Service

Analyze the cement bond to verify isolation presence

The BHGE SBT™ Seal advanced cement bond analysis service provides integrated assessment of cement seal quality for data acquired with the Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) service. With enhanced processing and intuitive graphical presentations, the easy-to-interpret format enables operators to quickly verify the cement placement and the quality of zonal isolation.

Cement logs, traditionally displayed in acoustic attenuation values, are processed with the SBT Seal service to generate compressive strength maps displayed in industry-standard engineering units.

Verify zonal isolation

  • Cement provides hydraulic seals that create zonal isolation between the permeable zones of the drilled well. The desired seal intervals are based on local regulations, as well as on the operator’s isolation requirements. The evaluation data obtained from the SBT service and the variable density log (VDL) is processed through SBT Seal service to evaluate the presence of the established seal at a given depth. Any continuous cement bond intervals greater than the operator’s minimum isolation requirement are clearly displayed on the produced log. These easy-to-interpret seal intervals are color-coded according to their seal lengths.

    Determine cumulative seal

    Analysis by the SBT Seal service is easily applied to data obtained from highly deviated boreholes and casing sizes up to 24 inches. This enables the service to assess the cement placement around surface and conductor casings, which makes it ideal to evaluate a seal during plug and abandon operations. Additionally, using the advanced processing, the SBT Seal service filters variable density log (VDL) data to remove the signals attributed to casing arrivals. The filtered waveforms reduce ambiguity and ensure reliable log evaluation during this critical operation.

    The SBT Seal service takes into account the formation lithology for representative cement seal evaluation behind the detected channels. This capability reduces any ambiguity that puts the well’s integrity at greater risks or requires unnecessary remedial operations.

    SBT Seal Advanced Cement Bond Analysis Service features and applications for customers include:

    • Cased-hole wells (4 in. to 24 in.)
    • Plug and abandon operations
    • Conventional and unconventional wells

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