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STONE WALL V0-Rated Well Barriers

STONE WALL V0-Rated Well Barriers

Achieve reliable, gas-tight mechanical wellbore isolation

Whether you are drilling, completing, producing, or abandoning your well, the STONE WALL™ V0-rated well barrier portfolio delivers a suite of tools to confirm mechanical wellbore isolation for all of your operational needs. Each barrier undergoes a stringent testing process to ensure it is validated to ANSI/API 11D1 ISO 14310 V0 standards, helping ensure total well control, enabling safe operations, and protecting the environment.

Obtain reliable temporary well suspension

  • The CROWNSTONE™ GTV tubing-retrievable well barrier provides a dependable barrier for temporary suspensions such as casing evaluation, wellhead testing, and hurricane plugging.

    • Sure-test feature enables pressure tests above and below the barrier to ensure pressures are controlled before retrieving the barrier
    • Packing element configuration allows for increased reliability if debris is trapped on top of barrier
    • Unique design eliminates the need for additional weight to set the barrier

    Achieve short-term isolation and ensure smooth retrieval operations

    The CAPSTONE™ wireline-retrievable well barrier delivers an economical solution for temporary well isolation such as well servicing or surface equipment repair.

    • Streamlined design allows for increased running speeds and trouble-free retrieval
    • Field-proven components eliminate premature unsetting and improve reliability
    • Compatibility with industry-standard setting tools provides flexibility and reduced operational costs

    Confirm a reliable seal in HP/HT conditions

    The BRIMSTONE™ HP/HT well barrier confirms zonal isolation in HP/HT environments--capable of withstanding 25,000 psi (1723.6 bar) differential pressure at 500°F (260°C).

    • Can be quickly and accurately deployed on wireline or coiled tubing
    • Contains body lock ring to maintain optimal seal against pressure reversals
    • Ensures reliability in extreme HP/HT conditions

    Ensure a permanent barrier for well plug and abandonment

    The TOMBSTONE™ permanent well barrier provides reliable wellbore isolation during final P&A operations--blocking any gas from migrating uphole to ensure total isolation at the end of a well’s lifecycle.

    • Flexible deployment options improve operational efficiency
    • Gas-tight seal mitigates gas migration into cement, avoiding cost and time associated with re-cementing
    • Top-venting design allows for pressure equalization across tool before drilling out upper slips to prevent well kicks

    To learn more about the STONE WALL V0-rated wellbore portfolio and ensure you have gas-tight mechanical wellbore isolation for all of your applications, see the Additional Resources documents or contact your BHGE representative.

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