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  • Whether you are drilling, completing, producing, or abandoning your well, we offer a complete portfolio of tools to achieve V0-rated well barriers that provide reliable mechanical isolation. Each V0 barrier undergoes stringent testing to ensure it is validated to ANSI/API 11D1 ISO 14310 V0 standards.  Depend on our field-proven solutions—providing total well control, enabling safe operations, and protecting the environment.

    Our tubing-retrievable and wireline-retrievable well barriers are designed for temporary suspension operations such as casing evaluation, wellhead testing, hurricane plugging, well servicing, or surface equipment repair. We also offer HP/HT designs for hostile environments.

    Our permanent designs are used for final P&A operations—blocking any gas migration to ensure total isolation at the end of a well’s lifecycle.  Flexible deployment options improve operational efficiency and well economics. 

    V0 designs—coupled with our expertise—give you confidence for gas-tight mechanical wellbore isolation for all of your applications. 

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