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Cement Retainers

Cement Retainers

Improve squeeze cement jobs, plug and abandon reliability

Drillable cement retainers provide a fail-safe barrier for plug-and-abandonment and many other types of pressure-pumping applications. Our retainers can be conveyed with tubing, coiled tubing or wireline. They keep hydrostatic pressure off the zone that has been squeezed so you can achieve better squeeze cement jobs. Our tools will improve the reliability of your plug and abandon projects.

  • The Model K-1 cement retainer is a high-performance, drillable cement retainer ideal for most remedial cementing applications. The Model K-1 retainer functions as a drillable squeeze packer, which, after cementing, acts as a plug. This traps squeeze pressure on the cement below the retainer and isolates the newly cemented area from the hydrostatic pressures above the cement retainer.

    It's available for most casing sizes and can be set mechanically or hydraulically on tubing or drillpipe, or run and set on electric wireline. The tool has an optional sliding valve or flapper valve arrangement for pressure containment. It can be set on wireline or threaded pipe. A two-way valve is controlled from the surface. There are no springs to cock or stick; just pick up the workstring to close and set down to open. Maximum clearance allows fast run-in speeds.

    Our Composite cement retainer and Set-N-Squeeze™ hydraulic setting tool allow for hydraulic setting of the composite cement retainer and secondary cementing operations in one trip. The tool is ideal for directional, deviated, and horizontal wells because rotation is not required to set or release it from the cement retainer. The composite cement retainer can be drilled-out using a PDC-type bit, which can then proceed into the formation. It has the capability to test tubing pressure integrity.

    The Model H-1 cement retainer provides a backpressure valve that actuates independently of tubing movement and can be used in tubingless completions. It can be run-in and set quickly, accurately, and economically using our wireline setting equipment.

    The Model H-1 drillable retainer incorporates the same solid ring-slips and swab-proof packing element system used in our conventional cement retainers. It also includes positive anti-extrusion backup rings. All these features work together to decrease the chance of premature setting while running in the hole. It can be run in quickly and withstands high flow rates.

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