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Wellhead Abandonment Straddle Packer

Wellhead Abandonment Straddle Packer

Isolate multiple subsea annuli for lasting well abandonment

The BHGE wellhead abandonment straddle packer (WASP) enables operators to abandon suspended subsea wells by perforating, circulating out mud from behind the casing strings, and placing a lateral cement plug across casing annuli and the main bore.

Notable cost savings and packer flexibility

  • Providing significant cost savings, the unit can be deployed from a dynamically positioned vessel, eliminating the need for a mobile offshore drilling unit. It also accommodates two sets of perforating guns to selectively perforate, flush, and cement two casing annuli in one trip. The WASP system offers additional flexibility with modular inflatable packers that cover a range of casing sizes and weights.

    Our solution also includes a core team of experts, with one operational focal point to collaborate with third-party vendors and ensure maximum efficiency during the operation.

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