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Plug and Abandonment Barrier Installation

Plug and Abandonment Barrier Installation

Reliable barriers for isolation, temporary well abandonment

Providing proper barriers is a critical step in any successful well plug and abandonment (P&A) operation. BHGE can help design, install, and confirm the placement of a permanent barrier prior to well abandonment.

  • BHGE offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of bridge plugs and cement retainers, including plugs rated to the most stringent ISO 14310 V0 classification.

    Our engineers will work with you to identify and install optimized mechanical barriers for both full-bore and through-tubing abandonment isolation. Whether your challenge is permanent isolation or temporary abandonment, our full range of mechanical bridge plugs, cast-iron cement retainers and bridge plugs, and inflatable technologies can be deployed using drill pipe, coiled tubing, or wireline. And, if you need reliable performance in an HP/HT environment, our bridge plugs offer pressure ratings of up to 25,000 psi (1723.6 bar) and temperature ratings as great as 500°F (260°C) at V0 classification—supporting even the most hostile plug and abandonment operations

    Safe, efficient temporary well abandonment

    For temporary deepwater well abandonment, the Blue Whale™ inflatable service packer (ISP) provides reliable wellbore isolation while reducing project costs. Prior to this technology’s commercialization, isolation in large-diameter casing and open holes offshore required a broad spectrum of packers, procedures, and secondary tools of a specific size and configuration for each job. The Blue Whale™ ISP replaces a collection of tools with a single, simple tool that provides reliable operation in a range of hole IDs from 7 in. to 36 in.—reducing rig time, storage requirements, and transportation costs without compromising barrier integrity.

    Cement programs matched to downhole conditions

    Our cementing experts can engineer and implement Set-for-Life™ cement programs matched specifically to each well’s abandonment requirements—ensuring a proper mechanical barrier for reliable zonal isolation. By testing each cement slurry, scientists in our advanced cementing laboratories ensure that the cement we install delivers the gas-tight cement seal your well demands without the risk of shrinkage.

    For remote operations without bulk storage and conventional mixing equipment, our Liquid Stone™ cementing technology can be prepared as a premix. The system is then batch-mixed at the well site, and pumped using a coiled-tubing unit. For larger-scale operations, we can provide all the support equipment you need, including a full complement of skid-based pumps, blenders, tanks, manifolds, and hoses. During the operation, we monitor and control the cement pumping from purpose-built data cabins.

    For inland waters, BHGE also has several self-supporting cementing barges to safely and efficiently conduct both temporary or permanent well abandonment operations.

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