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P&A Completion Removal and Well Preparation

P&A Completion Removal and Well Preparation

Maximize efficiency, performance on wellbore interventions

Our plug and abandonment (P&A) services include access to one of the industry’s leading portfolios of wellbore intervention technologies and to highly skilled experts in the areas of pipe cutting, milling, and fishing.

  • We offer a full range of pipe cutting technologies — including mechanical, chemical, and explosive cutting systems — as part of our pipe recovery service. For example, the innovative Mechanical Pipe Cutter (MPC™) delivers precise downhole pipe cutting without ballistics or hazardous chemicals, reducing nonproductive time, risk, and intervention costs.

    Our portfolio of cutting and milling equipment includes internal and external cutting tools, multi-string cutters, section mills, junk mills, and washover tools. Milling systems are dressed with advanced, durable cutters like our METAL MUNCHER™ advanced milling technology (AMT™) and OptiCut™ technology. These cutters are configured on cutting blades in patterns to suit each application so they mill efficiently, extend tool life, and increase the amount of material milled during each run. Combination milling and retrieval systems are used to remove packers, debris, and other obstructions.

    SMART Intervention™ systems monitor downhole parameters in real time to optimize the section milling process. The SENTIO™ SMART Intervention system combines downhole sensors with the latest milling technology to improve the efficiency of P&A operations.

    Complete removal of downhole debris

    Wellbore cleanup equipment includes a complete line of vacuum, magnet, junk basket, brush, and scraper systems to remove debris and cuttings from the wellbore before cementing and setting mechanical plugs to seal the well.

    Coiled tubing services maximize cleanup efficiency

    BHGE coiled tubing (CT) services include a global fleet of CT units, an experienced operations team, advanced software tools, and a range of downhole equipment solutions for a full scope of applications. CT services can be applied in several critical operations during the P&A process.

    CT units can be used to perforate and punch tubulars before pumping kill fluids; to clean debris from the wellbore; to install bridge plugs; and to convey mechanical, chemical, or explosive pipe cutting methods. CT can also offer better control over cement placement compared to bullheading methods.

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