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  • During plug and abandonment (P&A) operations, the removal of tubing, casing, and conductors are often the final steps in the Well Abandonment program. To ensure the efficiency and safety of P&A operations, our tubular services experts use a wide variety of innovative yet reliable equipment and services to remove well tubing, conductors, and subsea wellheads.

    Our well-trained, professional crews are focused on flawless execution at the wellsite and can provide and run power tongs and handling equipment for pulling tubing or casing. We also offer casing jacks, boring units, guillotine or band saws, and rental cranes.

    Integrated recovery services can be deployed using existing infrastructure or using the Mastiff™ Rigless Intervention System (RIS) in conjunction with the rig in-situ to abandon the platform in half the time. Mastiff RIS can also be used where there is no working rig. For smaller platforms, customized fit-for-purpose solutions are developed to suit.

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