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  • Our specialty tools are stocked in regional service areas.

    The hydraulic casing backoff tool is hydraulically operated, downhole breakout tool used to back-off casing at a known or desired coupling location. It is often used as an alternative to running a casing patch during a casing repair program. The tool eliminates blind backoffs of casing and allows the operator to back-off casing at a known depth and location. It has high torque breakout capacity. Anchor sections contain special carbide insert slips, which firmly bite into the casing ID to withstand torque output of the tool. The tool leaves a threaded connection for re-engaging with the new casing string and maintains full casing integrity when casing is screwed back together properly. Restricted ID problems after a casing repair are eliminated.

    The hydraulic casing makeup tool applies isolated, downhole makeup torque across a casing connection. The tool’s major application is where a section of damaged casing is to be removed. All torque is transmitted from the makeup tool anchor section directly to the casing member. Makeup of casing is accomplished without the need for special strings of heavy-wall drillpipe or high-strength tool joints. No rotary action is required after engaging upper and lower anchors in respective casing sections during the makeup operation. Torque can be isolated across a downhole casing connection without having to over-torque all of the upper casing connections during makeup operations. Specific torque can be applied to the connection by regulating the pressure applied to the tool.

    The hydraulic wireline severing tool (HWST) cuts wireline at the cable head after the wireline has been stripped over and the logging tool engaged. It can run full-strength cable heads, which increases the maximum pull by 25% to 40% over alternative methods. All-hydraulic operation eliminates electrical integrity concerns. The tool does not have to be run in conjunction with a normal logging string, which minimizes possible logging failures. It is used only when a stripping operation is required.

    The RatPACK™ retrievable packer impulse tool provides a source of impulses for items that are friction point stuck. The tool generates fast impulses compared to cycling jars and reduces load factors on the workstring and service rig. It works quicker than jars. Operation is independent of overpull or set-down loads. There is no need to run drill collars or high-tensile workstrings.

    The universal wellhead retrieving system runs with a Herculesmultistring cutter to provide a one-trip method for removal of a subsea wellhead from the ocean floor. The system works with wellheads from any manufacturer. The tool allows for cutting of multiple strings in tension, which reduces drillpipe wear and increases stabilization. It is simple to operate, and one trip to cut and recover a wellhead reduces rig time.

    The marine swivel and hanger seal extractor is used exclusively on floating rigs to suspend a cutting string in a fixed vertical position and extract the hanger seal assembly from a subsea wellhead. Operation is simple, and it allows pinpoint accuracy for the repositioning of a cutter. The tool releases and recovers the casing hanger seal assembly. The seal extractor is easily adapted to retrieve any straight pull-release seal assembly.

    The expanding hydraulic mill is run above drill bits or mills to open the casing ID or expandable patch to a greater diameter than drift. It can be used to scrape casing ID to remove scale or cement prior to running a packer and can also function as a hydraulic stabilizer to centralize the cutter when cutting casing. Blades can be dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ style carbide inserts to remove steel or cement or with hard metal for stabilizing. Various weights of the same size casing can be milled with one set of blades.

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