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Packer Milling Retrieving

Packer Milling Retrieving

Reduce rig time with packer milling and retrieving tools

Our one-trip packer milling and retrieving tools enhance efficiency with a one-trip operation.

  • CJ™, CB, CC packer milling tools

    These tools are related models for milling over retainer production packers, cement retainers, and bridge plugs. Although primarily designed for milling and recovery of our equipment, these tools also are available in standard and special sizes to mill over and recover other makes of packers, cement retainers, and bridge plugs. The CJ tool mills over and retrieves retainer production packers. The CB tool mills over retainer production packers and pushes them to bottom. The CC tool mills over bridge plugs or cement retainers and pushes them to bottom. It is identical to the CJ without the stinger. To convert a CJ to a CC milling tool, remove the stinger assembly and install thread protector.

    CK packer milling tool

    The CK packer milling tool is used to mill over and retrieve retainer production packers with seal-bore extensions, pup joints, landing nipples. It is easy to operate and allows for milling and retrieving the packer in one trip. The tool can be released to replace the shoe if needed. It includes a spear used to latch into and retrieve the body of the packer after the outside portion of the packer has been milled up.

    Model M J-joint

    The Model M J-joint is used with a washover assembly to burn over and retrieve packers in one trip. The double J design of the mandrel eliminates the need to run any type of safety joint below the releasing joint, which is a great advantage when a taper or box tap must be used. It can be pulled out of the hole and the shoe replaced without releasing the engagement device. The tool engages the fish with any type of fishing tool prior to the burn-over operation and remains engaged through the operation. The tool also enables the use of higher weights up and down without prematurely releasing.

    Model MB packer retrieving tool

    The Model MB tool burns over and retrieves packers without milling extensions, cement retainers, and bridge plugs. Packers with tailpipe assemblies and without millout extensions can be milled and recovered in one trip. Right-hand rotation eliminates the risk of backing-off threads; any type of engaging mechanism can be run below the tool.

    Quick Pick packer milling system

    The Quick Pick™ packer milling system mills packers in the shortest possible time and retrieves them in one trip. The mill uses METAL MUNCHER™ inserts as the lead cutting structure, backed by SUPERLOY™ cutters. If the METAL MUNCHER inserts become damaged, the mill will perform like a standard packer mill until a new row of inserts is reached. The aggressive cutting structure of the inserts can be effective in milling of high-chrome, harsh-environment packers. The system also contains an innovative packer retriever that directly connects to the packer mill and allows engagement of packers with a seal bore or a smooth inside diameter. It allows constant rotation while remaining in the engaged position to prevent the packer from falling when it breaks loose. The system can be engaged and released multiple times.

    Shear-type packer retrieving tool

    This is a combination mill and spear that recovers drillable packers in a one-trip milling and recovery operation. It is ideal for high-angle holes; the unique shear pin design eliminates J-ing action. The spear is releasable from the packer; the tool can be run with a packer mill.

    Hydraulic packer retrieving tool

    This tool reliably mills and retrieves permanent packers in one run. The tool has two releasing methods should it need to be released from the packer downhole. The simple design has only one moving part. It can be used with a packer mill or burning shoe and can be latched and released repeatedly.

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