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  • BHGE has the right assortment of internal and external engagement tools so you can reconnect to the fish with a lower risk of failure when screwing in with drillpipe is not possible.

    Ideal engagement tools have a releasing mechanism, allow circulation to the fish, and provide an unobstructed ID to allow for wireline operations. An overshot is normally the first choice when screwing into the fish is not possible.

    If the fish cannot be externally engaged, a releasable spear or internal engagement device should be used to retrieve the fish. Non-releasable tools like box taps and pin taps should only be used as a last resort or when the fish top is badly damaged or unknown.

    All engagement tools are run with bumper jars to help with engagement and disengagement of the fish. Non-releasable devices should be run with a safety joint to provide an emergency disconnect in case the fish will not pull free.

    The Itco Type NOV releasing spear is a dependable, inexpensive, and simple device for engaging fish internally. It assures positive engagement, easy release from the fish when desired and easy re-engagement after the spear has been released.

    The locking pin sub replaces the standard screw-in sub when a back off of stuck pipe of tubing is necessary. It reduces the risk of premature back out of the screw-in point while performing a deeper backoff, and it releases easily from recovered pipe once tools are out of the hole. The locking pin sub is made up to the bottom of the workstring or fishing assembly and is designed to screw into the fish.

    The Series 150 NOV releasing and circulating overshot is the strongest tool available to externally engage, pack off and pull a fish. It has three outside parts: top sub, bowl, and guide. The basic overshot can be dressed with either of two sets of internal parts, depending on whether the fish to be caught is near maximum size for the particular overshot. If the fish diameter is near the maximum catch of the overshot, a spiral grapple, spiral grapple control, and Type A packer are used. If the fish diameter is considerably below maximum catch size, a basket grapple and basket grapple mill control packer are used.

    The TMF overshot can be dressed for different applications. The T-dog slips catch square-shouldered collared pipe. The T-dog overshot is used to wash over and recover mud-stuck or sanded-up collared pipe in one trip when the entire fish can be washed over. The mouse trap assembly is designed to catch sucker rod or integral joint tubing. It is effective at fishing cable, coil tubing, and sucker rods. Depending on the application, the flapper can be manufactured with cutting or gripping capabilities. The flipper dog assembly is designed for integral joint tubing or a fish with different ODs. The flipper dog overshot can be used to washover mud stuck, sanded-up collared or integral-joint pipe. When used for this application, the overshot is not releasable.

    The Type B casing and tubing spear retrieves casing from 4 1/2 in. to 13 3/8 in. It is the easiest spear on the market to release. The spear, which can be set for right-hand or left-hand release, is easily field dressed to change the release setting.

    The Type D casing and tubing spear retrieves casing from 4 1/2 in. to 30 in. The spear is ideal for backing off casing or rotating out mudline hangers and packer bore receptacles. The spear, which can be set for right-hand or left-hand release, is easily field dressed to change the release setting. The J-slot that holds the spear in the catch or release position makes this spear the most reliable for the recovery of small, lightweight fish.

    The Type E casing spear retrieves casing from 7 in. to 30 in. This casing spear, which has a very large catch range, is designed to withstand the most severe downhole conditions. It is easily redressed in the field for variable casing sizes and weights, and it can be set and released repeatedly without coming out of the hole. Because of this larger catch range, this is superior to traditional spears when working with casing sizes of 20 in.

    The hydraulic casing spear is run above a mechanical or hydraulic inside casing cutter and used to retrieve casing sizes from 9 5/8 in. to 13 3/8 in. It allows cutting and pulling the casing string in one trip. The spear can be rotated inside the casing string without engaging. Once the cut is completed, the spear can be positioned at the desired location inside the casing string. The rugged design withstands severe downhole environments.

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