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Technology that reduces cost and time

  • Our reliable internal and external cutters lower cost when cutting casing or production tubing in well abandonments or when tubing is plugged.

    Internal cutters, normally, are run with stabilizers to improve cutting time. External cutters are generally used when the ID of the tubing or small casing has become plugged. External cutters are run on the bottom of washpipe and allow for cutting and recovery in one run. External cutters should be run only if the fish is known to be free or has been washed over in the previous trip.

    The BG outside cutter is an automatic, spring-fed cutter for fast and reliable external cutting and recovery of tubing and drillpipe. Ideal for high-angle and horizontal wells. The cutter applies a controlled amount of pressure on the knives, eliminating the problem of broken knives and missed cuts. This automatic feature compensates for miscalculations or faulty readings regarding the amount of strain pulled on the fish. The pipe latching assembly can be furnished to catch under the couplings or collars of square-shouldered pipe and under the upset of integral joint pipe. Adjusting the amount of force to be placed on the knives allows pipe with varying degrees of hardness to be cut fast and reliably. The cutter is excellent for cutting tubing with coiled or smaller tubing inside.

    The hydraulically operated, solid-body Hercules multistring cutter cuts through multiple strings of casing or large-diameter strings quickly and safely. The cutter’s three knives are 30% stronger than the standard multistring cutter. The knives are normally dressed with either SUPERLOY™ or METAL MUNCHER™ inserts. The tool can be used in any cutting application where rotation and pressure can be applied. The pressure differential is established by the flow rate of the drilling or workover fluid through the indicator nozzle. The nozzle size can be adjusted to produce a sufficient pressure differential, depending on the fluid pump flow rate available.

    The inside mechanical casing cutter cuts tubing and casing internally. The cutter is lowered into the hole to the point where the cut is to be made. The tool is rotated to the right and gradually lowered, which allows the friction block assembly to unscrew from the mandrel and anchor the tool in the pipe. Once the slips are set, the wedge block forces the knives outward until the pipe is cut. When the cut is completed, pickup of the workstring and the friction assembly returns automatically to the run-in position.

    The inside hydraulic cutter uses hydraulically activated knives for smooth, efficient cutting. An indicator signals through-pump pressure when the cut is completed; stabilizer slips keep the cutter anchored in the casing. The pistons force the slips to firmly anchor the tool prior to the knives contacting the casing. Straight pickup retracts the slips and knives.

    The outside shear-pin cutter is a mechanically operated tool used to cut and remove tubing or drillpipe from the wellbore. The cutter’s design allows the maximum ratio of fish OD to cutter OD of any outside cutter, which reduced ruggedness. Use only when fish OD excludes other choices. The clean-cut and requires no dressing.

    The multistring cutter cuts through multiple strings of casing or large-diameter strings quickly and safely. The cutter is for fixed and floating platforms and on land rigs. The multistring cutter is hydraulically operated by drilling fluid flowing through an indicator nozzle and activating a piston, which contacts the cutter knives and pivots them into cutting position. Nine cutter sizes are available to handle all casing weights in sizes from 4 in. to 60 in.

    Standard and washover outside cutters are mechanically operated cutting tools that cut and recover tubulars from the outside in one trip. Both cutters require the outside of the pipe to be free. Cuts can be made on tubulars with plugged ID. The clean cut requires no dressing. A large variety of sizes are available for special applications.

    The wireline cutter cuts wireline just above the rope socket of a stuck tool. This allows the cut line to be retrieved in one piece while at the same time offering a desirable fish top on the stuck tool. It can be run either on wireline or on pipe if clearance permits. The cutter, which allows wireline to be recovered in one piece, saves rig time by eliminating fishing trips with wire-rope spears. It eliminates the need for a rig if wireline and stuck tools can be recovered with another wireline unit.

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