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METAL MUNCHER Advanced Milling Technology (AMT)

METAL MUNCHER Advanced Milling Technology (AMT)

Reduce milling trips and time with milling cutting edges

METAL MUNCHER™ AMT (advanced milling technology) cutters can achieve greater efficiency and longer runs with cutting and milling systems used for casing exits, wellbore intervention, and other milling applications. The durable technology increases milling penetration rates, extends effective time on the bottom in high-volume milling applications, and enables greater flexibility during the milling process.

Customized solutions for optimized project results

  • Engineered using pressed sintered tungsten carbide, the AMT cutters are available in a variety of shapes and metallurgies. The wide range of cutter insert profiles and metallurgical choices enables greater flexibility in mill design where cutting structures with specific performance properties can be applied based on the specific task or application. Depending on the application, a milling tool may include several types of AMT cutters to optimize various aspects of the milling operation. The cutters are designed to mill even the toughest steels, including high chrome- and nickel-content materials.

    Advanced milling with improved cutting structure and edge

    Cutting structures incorporating METAL MUNCHER AMT cutters offer enhanced wear rate, impact resistance, and cutting edges, resulting in shortened milling time. They can withstand the exotic and abrasive materials common in today’s milling and fishing operations, maximizing performance and reducing rig time in a wide range of applications. The cutters feature sharp profiles with chip-breaking features to control cutting size and shape, enabling efficient cutting removal and debris management.

    Longer-lasting cutting edges mean longer and fewer trips downhole

    Because the AMT metallurgy enables longer cutter life and faster penetration, fewer downhole trips are needed and redundant equipment can be eliminated. Milling runs also can last longer, greatly reducing nonproductive time and resulting in lower operational expense.

    Field operators have reported as much as a 300 percent improvement in wear resistance and longevity with METAL MUNCHER AMT inserts. The cutting structures are improving milling efficiency in many challenging operations, including offshore slot recovery and plug and abandonment operations where high-volume milling applications are common, and removal of 50 or more composite plugs in a single trip from horizontal wells after plug-and-perforate completions.


    • Fishing
    • Well intervention
    • Section milling
    • Packer milling
    • Pilot milling
    • Casing exits
    • Casing repair
    • Slot recovery
    • Plug removal
    • Well plug and abandonment


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