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  • Our cutter technology can increase mill life and penetration rates by as much as 1,000%.

    METAL MUNCHER™ cutting structures are used primarily on window mills, section mills, and pilot mills. With the controlled cutting angle and chip-breaking features, these mills can be effective on high-content chrome steels. The technology is engineered to cut the metal away instead of grinding it. Significantly reduce weight on the mill.

    Opti-Cut™ inserts can be used some specialized applications in place of METAL MUNCHER inserts. Applications range from thru-tubing fishing, packer milling, washover shoes, casing/tubular cutting and milling, or anywhere extremely sharp cutting edges are desirable. Each insert has identical geometry optimized so no matter how the cutter is placed on the body of the cutting or milling tool, there’s always a sharp cutting edge and point looking down. As the cutter is worn down, new cutting edges and points are exposed.

    SUPERLOY™ cutters are used for all types of downhole cutting and milling. They work well on milling loose junk, such as bit cones, tong dies, packers, and for washing over stuck or cemented pipe. SUPERLOY cutters can dress off the OD or ID of casing for a clean top for casing-patch operations.

    PDCs and surface-set diamonds for milling tools are an alternative for cutting and milling operations involving hard material or hard formations. PDCs are used in underreaming operations in hard formations or long sections.

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