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Accessory Tools and Equipment

Accessory Tools and Equipment

Save time and money with effective fishing operations

You can depend on BHGE to enhance your fishing operations’ effectiveness with the right tools and equipment

  • Drilling safety joint

    The drilling safety joint enables disconnection from the BHA or a nonreleasable engaging tool without wireline or a manual backoff. The simple design and construction use no shear pins. It backs out at approximately 25% of the makeup torque. The safety joint can be manufactured with nonmagnetic materials for use close to MWD tools. It can be easily made up, released and re-engaged, and will withstand all normal operations.

    Hollow mill assembly

    The hollow mill assembly comprises a hollow mill extension and a hollow mill insert. This is used as an overshot accessory to mill away flared or oversized tops of pipe that have been jet cut or broken off during drilling or workover operations. The hollow mill assembly enables you to mill over and recover fish in a single trip.

    J-type safety joint

    The J-type safety joint is simple, effective. Release and re-engage fishing tools, particularly taps or die collars that, normally, are nonreleasable. It can be used as backoff connectors on washover jobs to save rig time by connecting to the washed-over fish while the washover pipe is in the hole.

    Kelly drive bushing

    The kelly drive bushing—a pup joint with a hex-shaped middle body 10-ft sectionis effective for getting over difficult fish tops without pulling off of the fish to make a  connection. A split bushing that will fit pin drive or square drive rotary tables is set around the body for transmitting torque.

    The bushing is spaced out in the string so the engaging tool or washover assembly will be at the top of the fish when the body of the bushing is in the rotary table. After installation and once the top of the fish has been engaged or swallowed by the washover assembly, the bushings are removed. The kelly pup joint is left in the string during the fishing or washover operation.

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