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  • Wells with complex wellbore geometries and extreme trajectories create new challenges for wellbore cleanout operations.  We offer a complete portfolio of thru-tubing cleanout options that can be used in the most challenging well conditions.  Ultra-low-pressure reservoirs, extended-length horizontals, mineral deposits, and sand-producing wells all present barriers to optimal production.  We offer the right solution to prep a wellbore for an operation, or to restore production quickly.   

    Along with the standard wash nozzles, motors, mills, and rotary jetting tools, we have developed a full suite of proprietary, custom-designed tools with field-proven operating methods to maximize our well cleanout capabilities. Our unique, rotary jetting technology and concentric coiled tubing with a downhole switchable jet pump are at the leading edge of thru-tubing technology and performance.

    Our goal is to remove solids and liquids from wellbores that are not treatable with standard circulating methods.  A clean well gives you a better shot at operational success—and at hitting your production targets. 

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