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TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

Streamline your interventions-with confidence

TeleCoil™ intelligent coiled tubing services reduce job-time and accelerate well recovery in all major interventions. By supplying downhole power to—and receiving real-time data from—your BHA, you can intervene at exact depths, monitor performance, and confirm your results in real time.

  • The service includes sensors that track pressure, temperature, and depth as well as tensile, torsional, and compressive forces at the BHA, enabling you to intervene precisely and confidently.  

    You can eliminate redundant personnel and equipment costs by combining the functionality of conventional coiled tubing and wireline. And since telemetry BHAs can be connected in as little as 30 minutes, the service also reduces downtime between runs.

    The electric wire that carries data to and from the BHA is robust enough to withstand acid and high-vibration jobs, and small enough not to obstruct drop balls or pumping rates.

    Common Applications:

    Well Interventions

    • Solids and scale removal 
    • N2 lifting 
    • Milling and fishing 
    • Water/gas shut-off 
    • Completion hardware manipulation 
    • Matrix stimulation 
    • Plug and abandonment 
    • Inflatable device deployment 

    Cased Hole Logging

    • Cement evaluation 
    • Casing/tubing integrity 
    • Production logging/reservoir evaluation 
    • Downhole imaging - camera 


    • Oriented perforating 
    • Plug and Perf operations 
    • Underbalanced perforating 
    • Selective perforating (up to 32 zones in a single run) 
    • Live well deployment and retrieval (e.g.1,000 ft gun BHA)

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