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OptiStriker Coiled Tubing Straddle Packer System

OptiStriker Coiled Tubing Straddle Packer System

Deliver efficient and effective restimulation treatments for maximum ROI

  • The OptiStriker™ straddle packer hydraulic fracturing system enables aggressive, targeted restimulation of individual perforation clusters in existing wells to boost production—efficiently and effectively. The system features a large ID and two resettable coiled-tubing-enabled packers, offering an industry-leading pump rate of 20 barrels per minute and a differential pressure rating of 10,000 psi. This enables high-rate, high-volume treatments that optimize well restimulations and maximize production.

    Increase fracturing effectiveness and reduce waste

    The OptiStriker system reliably isolates individual clusters to better deliver fluid and proppant, especially to areas that may have been untreated or undertreated during the initial frac job. This target-specific fracking equipment uses only the amount of fluid and horsepower needed to treat each cluster—minimizing operational requirements and costs by more than 30% compared to other restimulation techniques, while maximizing the speed and effectiveness of treatments.

    Ensure reliable operations

    Unlike other targeted stimulation systems that use swab cups to isolate zones, OptiStriker packers only contact the casing wall when they are set. This prolongs system life by eliminating damage and wear caused by rubbing against the casing wall as the assembly is moved in the well. High-expansion capabilities ensure the packers establish a complete seal—regardless of erosion damage from previous operations or casing irregularities—to enable higher hydraulic fracturing pressures and to eliminate fluid leak-off.


    • Re-stimulation operations
    • Formation diagnostics and mini-fracs
    • Fluid and gel injection
    • Unconventional oil and gas wells
    • Cased hole wellbores
    • Vertical and horizontal wells

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