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Micro CT Coiled Tubing Services

Micro CT Coiled Tubing Services

What is Micro CT?

The BHGE Micro CT™ Service leverages a modular, lightweight design and a smaller footprint to provide an effective, efficient alternative to conventional coiled tubing (CT) units for offshore applications — especially on platforms where available deck space is at a premium or crane capacity is limited.

  • How it works.

    The Micro CT service package incorporates specifically designed modular BHGE CT equipment that meets DNV Lifting standards, Zone II specifications, Class 1 Division II specifications in the Gulf of Mexico, and API Pressure Control standards. The CT equipment is engineered to run 5/8-in., ¾-in., and 1-in. tubing. And, if required, it can be customized to run larger reels and injectors.

    BHGE engineers have redesigned a standard CT unit into smaller and lighter modules. The unit breaks down into small modular components that are easily and quickly rigged up to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

    Don’t compromise.

    The Micro CT service provides a safe, more cost-effective solution to service even marginal wells, both offshore and onshore. It eliminates the need for self-erecting cranes and larger support/supply vessels costs. And the Micro CT components are easy to transport and rig up because of its lightweight, modular construction, thus also reducing logistics and support personnel requirements.

    Add in industry-leading, proprietary CIRCA™ modeling software that will engineer confidence into your CT operation and well-trained experienced BHGE crews, the Micro CT service enables conventional CT work to be accomplished utilizing a smaller CT size and optimizing the operations while minimizing risk, with flawless execution.

    Choose the BHGE Micro CT service and get all of the efficiency of a traditional coiled tubing application without compromise… or unnecessary costs.

    To learn more about the Micro CT service, contact your BHGE representative today.

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