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  • As the utilization of coiled tubing (CT) for intervention operations increases, so do the risks. High-pressure and deeper wells can push operational limits, often resulting in costly tubing damage and equipment failures.

    The latest advancement in CT operations, the Intelligent Injector Control (IIC) system provides industry-leading CT injector control through the integration of real-time modeling using actual dynamic well conditions. Powered by the CIRCA™ REAL-TIME (RT) modeling software, the IIC system drastically reduces the likelihood of a significant failure during CT operations.

    The CIRCA RT software uses live operational data to dynamically update safe operating guidelines, situational advice, and system warnings. The software provides real-time updates on CT string limits with respect to taper design, pressures, and completion profiles. The display also provides a constant visual feed showing coiled tubing position and reel rotation.

    The IIC system receives these critical parameters from the CIRCA RT software and makes automated adjustments to avoid tubing damage and failures, all while maintaining the system within a safe operating envelope. The IIC system can also operate in an alternative mode where BHA loads are also considered. In this capacity, force critical tools such as logging spinners and shear release tools are protected in the same method as the CT.

    Safety measures are also considered and built into the IIC system. If the system fails based on a loss of data input or electronic power, the hydraulic system will default to maximum traction pressure to prevent slippage and the injector motor will not allow movement until the operator resumes full control.

    The IIC system is a 2018 World Oil Award winner for Best Well Intervention Technology and was short-listed for the 2018 Intervention Technology Award at the SPE ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition.

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