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CIRCA Coiled Tubing Software

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Use superior models. Get superior results.

For decades, top coiled tubing service providers have kept the most advanced coiled tubing simulation software to themselves. And the modeling software you could purchase—or that came as an add-on with hardware—produced lackluster results.

It's time to change that.

Our CIRCA™ coiled tubing simulation software enables you to calculate outcomes before a job ever starts. It validates theoretical models with empirical data to deliver superior results. 
CIRCA software is now available to coiled tubing professionals on a subscription basis in three easy-to-use packages:

  • CIRCA Complete produces superior models in typical coiled tubing applications
  • CIRCA Pro includes complex calculations for applications like solids transport and 
        abrasive perforating
  • CIRCA Real-Time uses live operational data to update your job model in the field

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CIRCA Coiled Tubing Software

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