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  • CIRCA™ coiled tubing software helps service providers and operators simulate, model, plan, and carry out coiled tubing operations. It offers superior model accuracy built on over three decades of field-guided refinement. The CIRCA software suite gives service providers a distinct advantage when conducting any coiled tubing job.

    CIRCA Complete coiled tubing simulation software
    CIRCA Complete coiled tubing software provides the industry’s most accurate modeling of tubing forces, pressures, friction losses, rheologies, fluid behaviors, and downhole tool operations. The wellbore hydraulics model also accounts for reservoir fluids entering the wellbore and automatically selects the best flow correlation for any given deviation.

    CIRCA Pro simulation software for complex applications
    CIRCA Pro software provides tubing force analysis and modeling for wellbore hydraulics, solids transport, and optimal well cleaning. It features modeling capabilities that help ensure success in coiled tubing intervention operations where solids are present in the wellbore.

    CIRCA Real-Time modeling software
    CIRCA Real-Time (RT) coiled tubing modeling software uses field data to update operational parameters in models generated by the CIRCA software suite. It seamlessly connects pre-job analysis with real-world variables.

    CYCLE pipe management software
    CYCLE™ pipe management software provides an on-site assessment of the entire coiled tubing string. The software is designed to accurately manage and assess the life span of coiled tubing strings based on fatigue, ballooning, and corrosion. CYCLE calculations can be fed directly into CIRCA RT software to track pipe fatigue in the operator’s cab during coiled tubing operations.

    JobMaster data acquisition software
    JobMaster™ software acquires operational data in real time and populates live data displays to improve service delivery. This live data feed enables personnel to maintain control during a job. It is used to feed data into the CIRCA RT and CYCLE pipe fatigue coiled tubing software packages.


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