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Whipstock Anchor Systems

Whipstock Anchor Systems

Increase the reliability, lower the risk of casing exit ops

BHGE has a variety of hydraulic and mechanical-set anchoring options to secure our whipstocks in the wellbore.

  • The BigFoot™ retrievable whipstock anchor securely anchors BigFoot whipstock systems using hydraulic pressure in cased and openhole environments for both high-side and low-side applications. The anchor can be left in place or fully retrieved using overpull.

    The TorqueMaster™ retrievable whipstock packer has the performance of the field-proven permanent version with one-trip, full retrievability. It is ideal for multilateral applications requiring lower zone isolation during drilling of the upper zone. It can be run in with the WindowMaster™ one-trip window milling system and the Multilateral whipstock system. When running with the WindowMaster system, only one trip is required to orient the whipstock, set the packer, and mill the window. Once the lateral is completed, the entire system can be retrieved with one drillpipe trip. After retrieval, full-bore access to the lower lateral is restored.

    The TorqueMaster bottom-trip retrievable anchor is used to anchor a whipstock in place in the wellbore. It attaches to the lower end of the whipstock with drillpipe thread. The tool is for use with all BHGE whipstock and window milling systems. It does not require circulation to activate, and the retrievable design allows for slip retraction, which prevents scarring casing during the retrieval process. The proven TorqueMaster cam-cone slip system eliminates the risk of rotation.

    The TorqueMaster ML packer offers permanent orientation for drilling multiple laterals while retaining a primary completion bore below the packer. It uses our proven bonded seals to seal off the packer bore. After the packer is set and the survey is made, the milling and production anchor can be easily oriented on the surface to the desired direction. Both anchors allow 360 deg. full rotation, adjustable in 3-deg. increments. Latching the anchor into the packer bore isolates the zone and prevents any movement of the whipstock or lateral entry guide. The tool can be wireline or hydraulically set.

    The TorqueMaster permanent packer and removable anchor permanently orients a TorqueMaster whipstock anchor at a desired location in a cased hole for sidetrack operations. The system is a variation of the TorqueMaster whipstock permanent packer system that allows multiple stab-in and stab-out of the whipstock anchor after the packer has been set. The system requires only one directional survey. The packer bore is open before landing the anchor, allowing debris to fall through. The anchor stinger does not extend below the bottom of the packer, allowing easy stab-in even if the packer is set on top of cement.

    The TorqueMaster hydraulic-set retrievable anchor is used to anchor a whipstock in place in the wellbore. The anchor connects to the lower end of the whipstock with drillpipe thread. It is used with hydraulic WindowMaster G2 or hydraulic PathMaster™ window milling systems. When used with the hydraulic whipstock valve, the MWD orientation method can be used. The Anchor is retrievable with straight overpull on the whipstock. For retrievable applications, a debris management system should be run between the whipstock and the anchor to keep debris from falling around the anchor and possibly fouling the slips during retrieval.

    The Pip Whip™ inflatable whipstock anchor is a retrievable inflatable anchor used in openhole and cased-hole applications. It can be activated both mechanically and hydraulically. The Pip Whip™ anchor saves multiple runs in the well, has a high torque rating for improved operational efficiency, and has a 300-deg. F [149-deg. C] temperature rating. The hydraulically activated, single-element system can be used in a wide variety of cased-hole sizes. It is highly effective in openhole applications, especially in irregular hole shapes and where ledges are present.

    The 12,000 ft/lb torque rating increases reliability, managing the rigorous demands of cutting windows or passing large, stiff BHAs through openhole exits or completed casing exits. This is a true, one-trip system for setting the whipstock and cutting the sidetrack window in cased hole.

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