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Mills and Accessory Tools

Mills and Accessory Tools

Achieve one-trip window exits in difficult formations

Our technologies let you cut casing-exit windows reliably in any material and in any formation. 

  • The WindowMaster™ whipstock valve allows MWD equipment operation with the hydraulic WindowMaster, hydraulic PathMaster™, and hydraulic-set anchor/packers. True one-trip operation, MWD whipstock orientation, closure of flow to annulus, hydraulic packer or anchor setting, and complete milling of the casing exit greatly improve operational efficiency.

    The valve is actuated hydraulically by varying the flow rate in the drillpipe. Manipulation of the drillstring is not required. Internal pressures above and below the valve are equalized relative to the annulus and prevent accidental actuation due to differential pressure across the valve. Because the valve is actuated at a flow rate considerably higher than required for normal MWD equipment operation, the packer will not set accidentally when anchoring casing exit equipment.

    The PathMAKER™ formation mill enables a one-trip casing exit and extended rathole in hard and abrasive formations, such as sandstone, anhydrite, limestone, and dolomite. Certain hard formations used to require two trips to mill the window; this can now be done in one trip, saving you time and money.

    The mill is designed to fit PathMaster™ and WindowMaster™ G2 whipstocks for true, one-trip casing exits in hard formation. The formation mill has enhancements to improve milling and drilling performance. The specially engineered spiral-set cutter alignment reduces vibration while the large watercourses keep the PDC cutters cool for increased durability.

    The Shear-type disconnect is a safety release shear joint that is run below a retrievable whipstock assembly. This tool allows the recovery of the whipstock should the anchor or packer fail to release. The joint is rotationally locked, and adjustable shear ring values allow the same tool to be dressed for different release loads.

    The SilverBack™ window mill is used in our premium casing-exit systems, producing very long, full-gauge windows capable of passing large openhole completions, external casing packers, turbines. The full-gauge design is compatible with WindowMaster G2 and PathMaster whipstocks and provides a true, one-trip casing exit in most formations. Full-gauge mills provide a drift window and rathole to total depth. It allows directional drilling to begin immediately after the casing exit is completed.

    The Unloader valve helps prevent the swabbing of the well during whipstock retrieval by providing an exit path for fluid that has entered the excluder port. It is rotationally locked to withstand high torsion loads, and it provides an indication that the whipstock is free.

    The EXCLUDER™ sub is used with our retrievable whipstock to prevent debris from getting around the anchor or packer assembly. It can be run as a debris barrier on all whipstock systems. A port above the cup prevents swabbing during retrieval. A nonported EXCLUDER sub is available for use with hydraulic setting tools.

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