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SFX - Standardized Fatigue Resistant Wellhead Solution

SFX - Standardized Fatigue Resistant Wellhead Solution

Fatigue improvement factors

Our new Standardized Fatigue Resistant Wellhead Solution (SFX) takes the field-proven architecture of our MS-700 and MS-800 subsea wellheads to the next level — delivering up to 16 times fatigue resistance improvement over the existing systems. It also offers reduced cycle times, and extended drilling days in harsh environments.


  • Stress-reducing geometries
  • Longer socket spacing
  • Extended length forgings
  • Tougher materials: A707 and F22
  • Tighter pipe tolerances
  • State-of-the-art welding
  • Improved inspectability
  • Reduced number of welds
  • Eliminated short pipe sections

Advantages of standardized design:

  • Enables both MS-700 and MS-800 configurations
  • Maintains all familiar system interfaces, tools, and operating procedures
  • 5" of extra sealing surface for compatibility with all completion systems

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