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MS-700 Subsea Wellhead System

MS-700 Subsea Wellhead System

Proven versatility

Launched in 1991, the MS-700 subsea wellhead system remains one of the most widely used subsea wellhead systems in the world. Its versatility has been proven across TLP/spar tieback, exploration, subsea completion and deep water drilling applications.

Key features

  • Allows additional casing string to be hung under the wellhead
  • Includes a single trip running tool to test both the casing hanger and the annulus seal
  • High pressure and temperature capabilities (15 KPSI @ 250°F)
  • Up to 7 million ft-lbs bending capacity
  • 7 million lbs load capacity allows for 3 casing strings (up to 1 million lbs each)

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