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Drilling solutions for extreme demands

  • As offshore operations move into deeper waters where harsh conditions place extreme demands on performance, reliability matters more than ever. With thousands of wellhead systems installed worldwide, BHGE delivers the most advanced solutions to keep production flowing in extreme conditions. So you can meet the demand for more efficient and dependable drilling—without compromising safety.

    Designed, trusted and proven for industry-leading performance, our subsea wellheads increase reliability, flexibility, and speed in any environment. Patented metal-to-metal sealing technology, robust wellheads, and stable connectors help you drill wells with greater success and security. And with a global network of repair and service facilities, all staffed with trained experts to provide advanced tools, skills and solutions, you get full lifecycle support—whenever and wherever you need it.

    Overcome increasing capital costs, boost recovery, and minimize risk.

    From installation and maintenance to product enhancements and asset management, we focus on pushing the boundaries of technology to bring new solutions to market faster and more cost effectively—so you’re always ahead of the curve. And by continually partnering with operators, technology and services providers, we enable safe, sustainable, and reliable growth in the offshore industry

    Subsea Wellheads provide a number of advantages, such as:

    • Industry-proven performance in extreme conditions
    • Increased speed, flexibility, and reliability
    • Extended life of equipment
    • Worldwide support, service, and solutions
    • Assured productivity with advanced technology
    • Reduced capital costs
    • Less risk and downtime

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