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Field Development Planning

Field Development Planning

Removing Interfaces and Simplifying Execution

Successful offshore projects require the right mix of skills, experience, ideas, and understanding from inception to execution. At BHGE we understand that this mix changes as the project grows, develops and adapts through the design stages. By listening to our customers and working with them at every step, we can harness the depth and breadth of experience within our organization to maximize the impact we have on project outcomes.

Simplified solutions to unlock field development potential

  • When projects are first being considered our reservoir engineers and financial analysts work with our system engineers to appraise the field potential, opportunities for phasing or enhanced recovery strategies and can then balance them against well constructions, host options and SPS and SURF architectures to confirm feasibility and routes to maximize return on investment.

    As development concepts start to emerge our detailed understanding of the complete system from reservoir, through well construction and completion, subsea production systems (SPS), umbilicals, risers and flowlines (URF), to the topside process equipment, allows us to take a holistic, life-of-field view of the challenges and opportunities presented. We work as system integrators as well as technology specialists to optimize and de-risk solutions early in the design process by assembling multi-disciplinary teams capable of assessing interfaces and trade-offs between commercial, technical, execution and supply options.

    With project definition starting to grow, the depth of our engineering and project execution experience allows all significant risks and opportunities to be addressed to provide the most robust case for Final Investment Decision (FID) and seamless transition into project execution. As part of this process we drive increased execution efficiency by optimizing designs and delivery schedules across traditional supply boundaries to reduce lead times and increase the resilience of the program to traditional execution risks.

    Having the ability to take a holistic view of field development planning - assessing the design, construction, installation, operation and decommissioning of the entire system from reservoir to host, allows us to see the bigger picture opportunities as well as risks presented by unforeseen knock-on consequences of small changes.

    We can harness the collective depth and breadth of BHGE’s skills and experience and tailor them to the unique requirements of each customer, development and project stage.

    We create simplified solutions and innovative commercial models to unlock field development potential and work with customers at every stage of their projects as trusted partners rather than traditional suppliers.

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