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Subsea Choke Valves

Subsea Choke Valves

Designed for Reliability and Safety

With our wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of the equipment required to meet the rigorous demands of wells, including the recent trend towards large bore gas developments, we have the subsea chokes you need to ensure your reservoir performs reliably and safely. 

Get Greater Control and Injection Rates

  • Our latest Hydraulic Stepping Choke has been qualified to API, ISO and NACE standards with endurance testing to twice that required, with more than two million steps performed. Our design allows for both fast actuation timing and superior controllability and stepping resolution, which gives you greater control of the production and injection rates. To date, we have supplied more than 2,000 subsea choke valves, offering modular configuration options for production, injection, MEG (monoethylene glycol) and gas lift applications, for insert retrievable or nonretrievable operations, and for shallow to deepwater use. Our chokes are available integrated with one of our subsea tree systems, or as a single supply with a lead time of around seven months.

    Comprising a high integrity forged one-piece choke body and using a single-stage High Friction HF-LCV design, our ‘plug and cage’ trim design has been used successfully on debris/ sandy service applications – with multiple trim options that provide the specific range-ability for the application. This proven trim technology controls the flow and the IM design minimizes erosion, vibration and noise within the system. For water injection applications we can offer multi-stage trims to mitigate the onset of cavitation.

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