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M-Series for Medium Water Depths

M-Series for Medium Water Depths

Great flexibility & support

Our M-Series trees have served the industry for over 30 years in water depths of 100 - 750 m with installation from semi-submersible or jack-up drilling rigs. They are designed to accommodate guideline drilling and completion techniques, but can also be run guidelineless using vessels of convenience for installation. The designs are suitable for template and fisher-friendly protection structures in heavy fishing areas.

  • Installation depth: 750 m
  • Operating pressure: 10,000 & 15,000 psi
  • Operating temperature: -29°C to 121°C

Subsea Tree Systems

  • MVXT™ vertical tree

    • Wide rig compatibility
    • Installed directly on completed wellhead

    MHXT™ horizontal tree

    • Compatible with 18¾" drilling systems
    • No completion riser required

    To control hydrocarbon production Subsea trees are required which are complex configurations of valves and other components, installed at the wellhead to monitor and control production flow, and manage gas or fluids injection. Valve orientations can be either vertical with production tubing suspended in the wellhead, or horizontal with production tubing suspended in the tree. Design and materials are determined by operating conditions and physical environment of each specific well – with key factors including pressure, flow, temperature and water depth.

    Proven track record

    To date, BHGE has installed over 500 M-Series trees in offshore basins around the world. The trees are qualified to meet the most rigorous international standards for subsea products – API, ISO and Norsok – and they utilise standard, proven VG300 master valve blocks and H4 connectors. The M-Series line is designed for diverless installation and connection to flowlines and umbilicals using our HCCS connection systems. All trees have options for oil, gas, water injection and ESP applications and are supplied with proven diverless installation and maintenance tools.

    The M-Series includes a full set of rental tools to minimize capex for small field developments and allow greater flexibility in planning developments and budgets. The tools can be deployed to any location to meet operational needs and provide complete capability for well intervention and maintenance. Rental tools are generally available “to suit project schedules” and are fully supported by our Global Services department and experienced field support engineers.

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