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D-Series for Deepwater

D-Series for Deepwater

Designed for your specific needs

Our deepwater D-Series modular short-delivery subsea tree systems are engineered for up to 15,000 psi and 10,000 ft. They incorporate more than 55 years of design heritage and subsea experience – including the DW-HTH4 connector providing high capacity and fatigue resistance and the field proven VG-300 valve product line with Controls and Connections systems from the BHGE to compliment the system

  • Installation depth up to: 3,000 m
  • Operating pressure: 10,000 & 15,000 psi
  • Operating temperature: -18°C to +151°C
  • Available in large bore for gas developments
  • Modular approach increases quality and reduces lead times
  • Installation from vessel or MODU

Subsea Tree Systems

  • DVXT™ vertical tree

    • Adaptable modular system, installed by simple support vessel, tree mandrel can accommodate drilling BOP or completion riser
    • Master valve block configured for 13 downhole functions, including well safety valves and chemical injection
    • Fully integrated assembly removes the need for bolt-on wing blocks, while reducing leak paths and res weight

    DHXT™ horizontal tree

    • Can be configured for water, gas or injection
    • Manufactured with either 178 mm (7”) or 128 mm (5”) production bores
    • 9 hydraulic downhole functions providing intelligent well control
    • 2 electric downhole functions for monitoring well pressure and temperature
    • Multiple pressure, temperature and sand-detection sensors; and a variety of features to minimize ROV intervention

    To control hydrocarbon production Subsea trees are required which are complex configurations of valves and other components, installed at the wellhead to monitor and control production flow, and manage gas or fluids injection. Valve orientations can be either vertical with production tubing suspended in the wellhead, or horizontal with production tubing suspended in the tree. Design and materials are determined by operating conditions and physical environment of each specific well – with key factors including pressure, flow, temperature and water depth.

    The financial viability of deepwater projects means minimized lead times are a must for the oil and gas industry. The D-Series Trees takes on the world’s most challenging subsea conditions, ensuring efficient development through a structured, modular approach. It can be installed in water depths up to 3,000m, at pressures up to 15,000psi

    Deepwater D-Series advantages:

    • 3,000m water depth capability
    • Modular design enabling reduced lead times whilst maintaining configurability
    • Designed for ease of installation
    • Strong legacy in key valve and connector technology enabling high reliability

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