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Aptara™ Lightweight Compact Tree

Aptara™ Lightweight Compact Tree

Up to 50% lighter, designed for life of field flexibility

Our revolutionary Aptara™ Lightweight Compact Tree is lightweight and compact and uses our life-of-field approach to reduce not just initial CAPEX but also OPEX over the entire life of your field. This TOTEX-lite approach uses a unique industry-first cap design that allows it to be adapted on the seabed to address the changing requirements of your field over its life.

Innovative design, lightweight, adaptable to your production needs

  • The Aptara™ Lightweight Compact Tree system adapts as your needs change through the entire life of your field, with a plug and play capability in the cap without the need to introduce additional subsea equipment like subsea boosting.  It has a significantly reduced footprint compared with traditional deepwater subsea trees, which means 50% less weight and the potential to reduce TOTEX (CAPEX + OPEX) by more than 50%.  The Aptara™ tree allows you to evolve your tree system to suit changing reservoir conditions. Its unique patented industry-first design involves an innovative flow path and ‘caps’ for the tree that integrate functionality such as High Integrity Pipeline Protection (HIPPS) or add boosting capability to reduce your overall development cost or increase reservoir recovery.

    The life-of-field cap also facilitates conversion of subsea wells from producer to water injection, adapting your subsea infrastructure to meet your reservoir management needs.


    • Designed for entire life of field flexibility
    • Innovative flow path enabling installation of HIPPS, production and pumping caps without need for other subsea kit through life of field
    • Up to 50% lighter
    • 10-month lead time
    • Smart real-time monitoring

Totex-Lite Subsea System

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