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BHGE Subsea Tree Systems are light-weight and designed for simplified low-cost installation

  • BHGE has installed over 1,400 subsea tree systems worldwide. Our trees are based on standardized, modular designs that drive high manufacturing consistency and delivery speed. Our latest trees exceed API 17D (2nd edition) and exemplify our philosophy of building systems with industry-leading products e.g., our VG300 valves have been tested to 1,200 cycles - double that of industry standard requirements.

    With valve sizes from 2” through to 7”, BHGE has the tree system to meet your needs in up to 3,000 m water depth. Having provided chokes for subsea use for over 30 years, BHGE now have a fast-stepping compact actuator that is more than 50% faster-acting than competitors’ products and qualified to 2 million steps - 100% more than industry standards require. This design also enables the use of the BHGE Electric Actuator.

    BHGE has also been at the forefront of recent gas field developments providing our 7” large bore tree systems in both, vertical and horizontal applications. Our DVXT Master Valve Block incorporates patented configurability, allowing the use of a single block for either concentric or non-concentric needs, bringing confidence in tree delivery schedules through pre-provisioning of major components.

    There are many advantages when using our Subsea trees, such as:

    • Modular design enabling reduced lead times whilst maintaining configurability
    • Designed for ease of installation
    • Strong legacy in key valve and connector technology enabling high reliability

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