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Subsea Electric Actuation

Subsea Electric Actuation

Leading the charge to provide capital efficient subs

As the subsea industry heads towards deeper-waters, longer tie-backs and more challenging environments, subsea electrification is becoming an increasingly attractive value proposition. With an industry leading position in electrically actuated solutions, BHGE delivers systems that reduce cost, improve operation and limit HSE concerns. With solutions ranging from electrification of individual valves to fully electric systems, BHGE is leading the charge to provide capital efficient subsea systems for the future.

Efficiency and improved operation

  • Combining strong legacies in subsea production control, subsea high voltage power systems and electric actuators, BHGE is uniquely positioned to realize benefits of subsea electrification. BHGE’s electrically actuated systems reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the hydraulic supply and making the most of the potential in electric solutions. By leveraging the data available from our world class electric actuators, instantaneous confirmation is given on system integrity and ability to operate on command. Advanced condition monitoring and predictive maintenance can be implemented building on these solutions.

    Targeted subsea electric actuation of chokes and individual valves can be used to reduce cost, improve operation and prevent production loss. Leaking hydraulic valves can be retrofitted with electric actuators to maintain operability, and manual valves can be retrofitted to avoid the cost of ROV operation.

    In All-Electric systems, the elimination of hydraulic control components reduces overall complexity and cost, and allow for optimization of the remaining electric system. The BHGE electric actuators meet the needs conventional subsea production systems as well as subsea processing systems.The data available in the fully electric system allow condition monitoring and trending of system health drive efficient intervention strategies and to reduce downtime.

    Our Subsea Electric Actuation provide advantages, such as:

    • Accurate position control and feedback on system operability
    • All-Electric systems reduce CAPEX and OPEX while improving operation
    • Eliminate the disadvantages of hydraulic systems in ultra-deep waters and long tie-backs
    • Advanced condition monitoring and potential for predictive maintenance

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