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Smart Facilites

Smart Facilites

Optimizing production around the world for over 10 years

Our Smart Applications have been optimizing production and asset performance at subsea operations around the world for over 10 years. They provide real-time condition monitoring of subsea equipment, store historical instrument data for future performance analysis, and enable more effective decision-making overall.

Monitoring subsea equipment

    • Multiphase flow and phase-fraction estimates at any point in the production network
    • Clear alerts and advice by analyzing current and likely future pressure and temperature conditions of the produced fluid flow
    • Increased planning and implementation effectiveness of maintenance regimen to minimize likelihood of unexpected wax formation
    • Capture and display all measured information associated with health of choke valves, including C-V curve variation
    • Monitor health of umbilical and subsea supply lines, including trending of insulation breakdowns to enable proactive measures and avoid failure
    • Intelligently monitor system pressure sensors, analyzing and advising when sensors have degraded or failed
    • Capture pressure and temperature data, and advises of potentially damaging conditions
    • Monitor to locate and mitigate even small control fluid leaks
    • Monitor health status of each SemStar5™ electronics module

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